Meaning of NEWS in English

NEWS (usu. treated as sing.)

1. information about important or interesting recent events, esp. when published or broadcast.

2 (prec. by the) a broadcast report of news.

3 newly received or noteworthy information.

4 (foll. by to) colloq. information not previously known (to a person) (that's news to me).

Phrases and idioms:

news agency an organization that collects and distributes news items. news bulletin a collection of items of news, esp. for broadcasting. news conference a press conference. news-gatherer n. a person who researches news items esp. for broadcast or publication. news-gathering this process. news room a room in a newspaper or broadcasting office where news is processed. news-sheet a simple form of newspaper; a newsletter. news-stand a stall for the sale of newspapers. news-vendor a newspaper-seller.


newsless adj.

Etymology: ME, pl. of NEW after OF noveles or med.L nova neut. pl. of novus new

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