Meaning of POISED in English


/ pɔɪzd; NAmE / adjective


[ not before noun ] poised (on, above, over, etc. sth) | poised (to do sth) in a position that is completely still but is ready to move at any moment :

Tina was tense, her hand poised over the telephone.

He stopped writing and looked at me, pen poised.

The cat crouched in the grass, poised to jump.


[ not before noun ] poised (in, on, above, etc. sth) in a position that is balanced but likely to change in one direction or another :

The cup was poised on the edge of the chair.

( figurative )

The world stood poised between peace and war.


[ not before noun ] poised for sth | poised to do sth completely ready for sth or to do sth

SYN set :

The economy is poised for recovery.

Kate is poised to become the highest-paid supermodel in the fashion world.


having a calm and confident manner and in control of your feelings and behaviour :

He is a remarkably poised young man.

SYN assured

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