Meaning of POISON in English


/ ˈpɔɪzn; NAmE / noun , verb

■ noun [ C , U ]


a substance that causes death or harm if it is swallowed or absorbed into the body :

Some mushrooms contain a deadly poison.

How did he die? Was it poison?

The dog was killed by rat poison (= poison intended to kill rats ) .

to hunt with poison arrows

bombs containing poison gas


an idea, a feeling, etc. that is extremely harmful :

the poison of racial hatred


- what's your poison?

—more at man noun

■ verb [ vn ]


poison sb (with sth) to harm or kill a person or an animal by giving them poison


to put poison in or on sth :

a poisoned arrow

Someone had been poisoning his food.

Large sections of the river have been poisoned by toxic waste from factories.


to have a bad effect on sth :

His comment served only to poison the atmosphere still further.

She succeeded in poisoning their minds against me.


- a poisoned chalice



Middle English (denoting a harmful medicinal draught): from Old French poison magic potion, from Latin potio(n-) potion, related to potare to drink.

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