Meaning of POSSIBLE in English


/ ˈpɒsəbl; NAmE ˈpɑːs-/ adjective , noun

■ adjective


[ not usually before noun ] that can be done or achieved :

It is possible to get there by bus.

Would it be possible for me to leave a message for her?

This wouldn't have been possible without you.

Try to avoid losing your temper if at all possible (= if you can) .

Use public transport whenever possible (= when you can) .

It's just not physically possible to finish all this by the end of the week.

We spent every possible moment on the beach.

OPP impossible


that might exist or happen but is not certain to :

a possible future president

the possible side effects of the drug

Frost is possible, although unlikely, at this time of year.

It's just possible that I gave them the wrong directions.

With the possible exception of the Beatles, no other band has become so successful so quickly.


reasonable or acceptable in a particular situation :

There are several possible explanations.


used after adjectives to emphasize that sth is the best, worst, etc. of its type :

It was the best possible surprise anyone could have given me.

Don't leave your packing until the last possible moment.


- as quickly, much, soon, etc. as possible

—more at world

■ noun

a person or thing that is suitable for a particular job, purpose, etc. and might be chosen :

Out of all the people interviewed, there are only five possibles.



late Middle English : from Old French , or from Latin possibilis , from posse be able.

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