Meaning of PREDICATE in English

noun , verb

■ noun

/ ˈpredɪkət; NAmE / ( grammar ) a part of a sentence containing a verb that makes a statement about the subject of the verb, such as went home in John went home.

—compare object noun (5)

■ verb / ˈpredɪkeɪt/ ( formal )


[ vn ] [ usually passive ] predicate sth on / upon sth to base sth on a particular belief, idea or principle :

Democracy is predicated upon the rule of law.


to state that sth is true :

[ v that ]

The article predicates that the market collapse was caused by weakness of the dollar.

[also vn ]



late Middle English (as a noun): from Latin praedicatum something declared, neuter of praedicatus declared, proclaimed, past participle of the verb praedicare , from prae beforehand + dicare make known.

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