Meaning of PREPARATION in English

/ ˌprepəˈreɪʃn; NAmE / noun


[ U ] preparation (for sth) the act or process of getting ready for sth or making sth ready :

Preparation for the party started early.

food preparation

Careful preparation for the exam is essential.

The third book in the series is currently in preparation .

The team has been training hard in preparation for the big game.


[ C , usually pl. ] preparation (for sth) | preparation (to do sth) things that you do to get ready for sth or make sth ready :

The country is making preparations for war.

We made preparations to move to new offices.

wedding preparations

Was going to college a good preparation for your career?


[ C ] a substance that has been specially prepared for use as a medicine, cosmetic , etc. :

a pharmaceutical preparation

preparations for the hair and skin



late Middle English : via Old French from Latin praeparatio(n-) , from praeparare make ready before, from prae before + parare make ready.

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