Meaning of PRO in English

/ prəʊ; NAmE proʊ/ noun , adjective , preposition

■ noun

( pl. pros ) ( informal ) a person who works as a professional, especially in a sport :

a golf pro

a young boxer who's just turned pro

He handled the situation like an old pro (= sb who has a lot of experience) .


- the pros and cons

■ adjective

[ only before noun ] ( especially NAmE ) ( in sport ) professional :

a pro wrestler

pro football

■ preposition

( informal ) if sb is pro sb/sth, they are in favour of or support that person or thing :

He has always been pro the environment.

—compare anti



noun and adjective mid 19th cent.: abbreviation.

idsym. and preposition late Middle English (as a noun): from Latin , literally for, on behalf of .

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