Meaning of PRO- in English

I. prefix

Etymology: Middle English, from Old French, from Latin, from Greek, from pro — more at for


a. : earlier than : prior to : before

pro baptismal

b. : rudimentary : prot-

pro anthropus

Pro mammalia

pro embryo


a. : situated before : located in front of : anterior to

pro cerebrum

b. : front : anterior

pro thorax

3. : projecting

pro gnathous

II. prefix

Etymology: Latin (also used especially with verbs to mean “before”, “forward”, “forth”, “down”, “on behalf of”), from pro before, in front of, in behalf of, for, on account of — more at for

1. : taking the place of : substituting for

pro cathedral

pro -regent

pro -treasurer

2. : siding with : advocating : favoring : supporting : championing

pro -British

pro -liberalism

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