Meaning of PROTECTIVE in English

/ prəˈtektɪv; NAmE / adjective


[ only before noun ] providing or intended to provide protection :

Workers should wear full protective clothing .

a protective layer of varnish

a protective barrier against the sun's rays


protective (of / towards sb/sth) having or showing a wish to protect sb/sth :

She had been fiercely protective towards him as a teenager.

He was extremely protective of his role as advisor.

He put a protective arm around her shoulders.

Parents can easily become over-protective of their children (= want to protect them too much) .


intended to give an advantage to your own country's industry :

protective tariffs

►  pro·tect·ive·ly adverb :

She clutched her bag protectively.

►  pro·tect·ive·ness noun [ U ]

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