Meaning of PROTECTIVE in English

I. prəˈtektiv, -tēv also -əv adjective

Etymology: protect + -ive

1. : protecting or intended to protect : affording or serving as a safeguard : providing a defense or shelter against danger or harm : tending to shield

many shore animals have protective color and patterns which enable them to blend with their surroundings — W.H.Dowdeswell

failure to use protective masks in the numerous grinding operations — Lewis Mumford

she felt protective towards him — Olive Johnson

2. : based on or relating to the economic principles of protection : affording or designed to afford protection

protective duties

3. : imposed as a means of or under the guise of insuring protection from public hostility

protective arrest

if he's tight, return him to his ship under protective custody — D.R.Morris

II. noun

( -s )

1. : something that serves for protection

2. : an agent (as a medicine or a dressing) that protects the body or one of its parts (as from irritation or injury)

vitamins are protectives against certain deficiency diseases

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