Meaning of RAIL in English

/ reɪl; NAmE / noun , verb

■ noun


[ C ] a wooden or metal bar placed around sth as a barrier or to provide support :

She leaned on the ship's rail and gazed out to sea.

—see also guard rail , handrail


[ C ] a bar fixed to the wall for hanging things on :

a picture / curtain / towel rail


[ C , usually pl. ] each of the two metal bars that form the track that trains run on


[ U ] (often before another noun) railways / railroads as a means of transport :

to travel by rail

rail travel / services / fares

a rail link / network


- get back on the rails

- go off the rails

—more at jump verb

■ verb

rail (at / against sth/sb) ( formal ) to complain about sth/sb in a very angry way

SYN rage :

[ v ]

She railed against the injustice of it all.

[also v speech ]


- rail sth in / off



noun and idsym. pvsym. Middle English : from Old French reille iron rod, from Latin regula straight stick, rule.

verb late Middle English : from French railler , from Provençal ralhar to jest, based on an alteration of Latin rugire to bellow.

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