Meaning of READER in English

/ ˈriːdə(r); NAmE / noun


a person who reads, especially one who reads a lot or in a particular way :

an avid reader of science fiction

a fast / slow reader

The reader is left to draw his or her own conclusions.


a person who reads a particular newspaper, magazine, etc. :

readers' letters

Are you a 'Times' reader?


an easy book that is intended to help people learn to read their own or a foreign language :

a series of graded English readers


(usually Reader ) a senior teacher at a British university just below the rank of a professor :

She is Reader in Music at Edinburgh.


( computing ) an electronic device that reads data stored in one form and changes it into another form so that a computer can perform operations on it


( technical ) a machine that produces on a screen a large image of a text stored on a microfiche or microfilm

—see also mind-reader , newsreader



Old English rǣdere interpreter of dreams, reader .

Oxford Advanced Learner's English Dictionary.      Оксфордский английский словарь для изучающик язык на продвинутом уровне.