Meaning of READER in English

ˈrēdə(r) noun

( -s )

Etymology: Middle English redere, from Old English rǣdere, from rǣdan to read + -ere -er

1. : one that reads: as


(1) : one that is able to read

a slow reader

a good reader

(2) : one that applies himself to reading

a room set aside for readers

(3) : one devoted to reading : one fond of reading

is a great reader

b. : one that is appointed to read to others: as

(1) : one appointed to read aloud during meals (as in a monastery or convent)

(2) : lector 1

(3) : one chosen to read aloud selected material in a Christian Science church or society


(1) : proofreader

(2) : one that reads and evaluates manuscripts (as for possible publication or for use as material in producing a motion picture or play)

(3) : one that reads especially newspapers and other periodical literature and indicates items to be marked, copied, abstracted, or clipped as having special interest or value to some individual or group

d. : one that reads and records the indications of meters or similar gauges (as for a public utilities company)

e. : one that assists a professor or other teacher by reading and marking the papers of students enrolled in a class

2. Britain : one who reads lectures or expounds subjects to students:

a. : a lecturer on law in the Inns of Court — used as an honorary title

b. : a university teacher chosen as a specialist in a particular field and ranking lower than a professor


a. : reading glass

b. : a device for projecting a readable image of a transparency on a self-contained or separate screen

c. : a unit (as of a computer) that scans material recorded (as on punched cards, magnetic tape) for storage or computation


a. : a book for instruction and practice in reading

a third-grade reader

b. : a book containing selections for reading especially for beginners in a subject

a citizenship reader

a French reader

c. : anthology

a G.B.Shaw reader


a. : reading notice

b. : a card (as in a window display) that carries a sale price, caption, or similar information

6. : a playing card marked on the back so that it can be identified (as by a gambler, conjurer) — compare stamp

7. : a worker who records a textile design (as in string or in numbers) that he reads from a card

Webster's New International English Dictionary.      Новый международный словарь английского языка Webster.