Meaning of RENT in English

/ rent; NAmE / noun , verb

—see also rend verb

■ noun


[ U , C ] an amount of money that you regularly pay so that you can use a house, etc. :

How much rent do you pay for this place?

The landlord has put the rent up again.

a month's rent in advance

a high / low / fair rent

( BrE )

a rent book (= used to record payments of rent)

➡ note at rate

—compare hire noun


[ U , C ] ( especially NAmE ) = rental (1)


[ C ] ( formal ) a torn place in a piece of material or clothing


- for rent

■ verb


rent sth (from sb) to regularly pay money to sb so that you can use sth that they own, such as a house, some land, a machine, etc. :

[ vn ]

to live in rented accommodation / housing / property

Who do you rent the land from?

[also v ]


rent sth (out) (to sb) to allow sb to use sth that you own such as a house or some land in exchange for regular payments :

[ vn ]

He rents rooms in his house to students.

The land is rented out to other farmers.

She agreed to rent the room to me.

[ vnn ]

She agreed to rent me the room.


[ vn ] ( especially NAmE ) to pay money to sb so that you can use sth for a short period of time :

We rented a car for the week and explored the area.

Shall we rent a movie this evening?

—compare hire verb (1)


[ v ] ( NAmE ) to be available for sb to use if they pay a particular amount of money :

The apartment rents for $500 a month.



rent / hire / let


You can hire something for a short period of time ( BrE only), but rent something for a longer period:

We can hire bikes for a day to explore the town.

We don't own our TV, we rent it.

In NAmE , rent is always used. It is sometimes now used in BrE instead of hire , too.

The owners of a thing can hire it out for a short period ( BrE ):

Do you hire out bikes?

Or they can rent ( out ) / let ( out ) a building, etc:

We rent out rooms in our house to students.

Outside a building you could see:

To let

( BrE ) •

For rent

(especially NAmE ).

To hire can also mean to employ somebody, especially in NAmE :

We hired a new secretary.

— see also lease



The amount of money that you pay to rent something is rent or rental (more formal). When you hire something you pay a hire charge ( BrE ). On a sign outside a shop you might see:

Bikes for hire

( BrE ).

— see also let, lease, hire




noun senses 1 to 2 and verb Middle English : from Old French rente , from a root shared by render .

noun sense 3 mid 16th cent.: from obsolete rent pull to pieces, lacerate , variant of rend .

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