Meaning of RESPONSE in English


/ rɪˈspɒns; NAmE rɪˈspɑːns/ noun response (to sb/sth)


[ C , U ] a spoken or written answer :

She made no response.

In response to your inquiry ...

I received an encouraging response to my advertisement.


[ C , U ] a reaction to sth that has happened or been said :

The news provoked an angry response.

a positive response

I knocked on the door but there was no response.

The product was developed in response to customer demand.

We sent out over 1 000 letters but the response rate has been low (= few people replied) .


[ C , usually pl. ] a part of a church service that the people sing or speak as an answer to the part that the priest sings or speaks



Middle English : from Old French respons or Latin responsum something offered in return, neuter past participle of respondere , from re- again + spondere to pledge.

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