Meaning of SECONDARY in English


/ ˈsekəndri; NAmE -deri/ adjective


secondary (to sth) less important than sth else :

That is just a secondary consideration .

Experience is what matters—age is of secondary importance .

Raising animals was only secondary to other forms of farming.


happening as a result of sth else :

a secondary infection

a secondary effect

a secondary colour (= made from mixing two primary colours)


[ only before noun ] connected with teaching children of 11-18 years :

secondary teachers

the secondary curriculum

—compare elementary , primary , tertiary

►  sec·ond·ar·ily / ˈsekəndrəli; NAmE ˌsekənˈderəli/ adverb :

Their clothing is primarily functional and only secondarily decorative.



late Middle English : from Latin secundarius of the second quality or class, from secundus following, second, from the base of sequi follow.

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