Meaning of SHOUT in English

/ ʃaʊt; NAmE / verb , noun

■ verb


shout (sth) (at / to sb) | shout (at sb to do sth) to say sth in a loud voice; to speak loudly / angrily to sb :

[ v ]

Stop shouting and listen!

I shouted for help but nobody came.

She shouted at him to shut the gate.

Then he started shouting and swearing at her.

[ vn ]

to shout abuse / encouragement / orders

[ v that ]

He shouted that he couldn't swim.

[ vn - adj ]

She shouted herself hoarse, cheering on the team.

[ v speech ]

'Run!' he shouted.


[ v ] shout (out) to make a loud noise :

She shouted out in pain when she tried to move her leg.


( AustralE , NZE ) to buy drinks or food for sb in a bar, restaurant, etc. :

[ v ]

I'll shout—what are you drinking?

[ vnn ]

Who's going to shout me a drink?

[also v ]


- shout sb down

- shout sth out

■ noun


a loud cry of anger, fear, excitement, etc. :

angry shouts

a shout of anger

I heard her warning shout too late.


( BrE , informal ) a person's turn to buy drinks :

What are you drinking? It's my shout.


- be in with a shout (of sth / of doing sth)

- give sb a shout




yell ♦ scream ♦ cheer ♦ cry ♦ call

These are all words for ways of expressing yourself in a loud voice, usually in words, in order to show a strong emotion or to attract attention.


a loud expression of anger, fear, excitement or pain, etc., usually using words:

We heard angry shouts coming from the flat below.

She gave a shout of joy.


( rather informal ) a loud shout:

a yell of delight


a shout in a loud high voice because of fear, anger or excitement


a shout of joy, support or praise, often using the words 'Hooray!', 'Yes!' or 'Yeah!':

A great cheer went up from the crowd.


( rather formal or literary ) a shout:

Her answer was greeted with cries of outrage.

shout, yell, scream or cry?

Cry is the most formal of these words and yell is the least formal. A yell may be louder and less controlled than a shout or cry and the words may be less clear. A scream is a very high sound. A cry can also be a loud sound without words.


a shout to attract attention:

She could hear calls for help coming from the wreckage.


a shout / yell / scream / cry of pain, alarm, etc.

to do sth with a shout / yell / cheer / cry

a loud shout / yell / cheer / cry / call

to give / let out a shout / yell / scream / cheer / cry

a shout / yell / cheer / cry goes up (= people start shouting, yelling, etc.)



late Middle English : perhaps related to shoot ; compare with Old Norse skúta a taunt.

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