Meaning of SWILL in English


/ swɪl; NAmE / verb , noun

■ verb


[ vn ] swill sth (out / down) ( especially BrE ) to clean sth by pouring large amounts of water in, on or through it

SYN rinse :

She swilled the glasses with clean water.


[ vn ] swill sth (down) ( informal ) to drink sth quickly and/or in large quantities


[+ adv. / prep. ] to move, or to make a liquid move, in a particular direction or around a particular place :

[ vn ]

He swilled the juice around in his glass.

[ v ]

Water swilled around in the bottom of the boat.

■ noun


(also pig·swill ) [ U ] a mixture of waste food and water that is given to pigs to eat


[ U ] ( informal ) drink or food that is unpleasant or of a poor quality


[ C , usually sing. ] ( informal ) a large amount of a drink that you take into your mouth :

He had a quick swill of wine.



Old English swillan , swilian (verb), of unknown origin. The noun dates from the mid 16th cent.

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