Meaning of SWIM in English


/ swɪm; NAmE / verb , noun

■ verb ( swim·ming , swam / swæm; NAmE / swum / swʌm; NAmE /)


( of a person ) to move through water in a horizontal position using the arms and legs :

[ v ]

I can't swim.

The boys swam across the lake.

They spent the day swimming and sunbathing.

[ vn ]

Can you swim backstroke yet?

How long will it take her to swim the Channel?

➡ note at bath


[ v ] go swimming to spend time swimming for pleasure :

I go swimming twice a week.


[ v , usually + adv. / prep. ] ( of a fish, etc. ) to move through or across water :

A shoal of fish swam past.

Ducks were swimming around on the river.


[ v ] (usually be swimming ) swim (in / with sth) to be covered with a lot of liquid :

The main course was swimming in oil.

Her eyes were swimming with tears.


[ v ] ( of objects, etc. ) to seem to be moving around, especially when you are ill / sick or drunk :

The pages swam before her eyes.


[ v ] to feel confused and/or as if everything is spinning around :

His head swam and he swayed dizzily.


see sink verb

■ noun

[ sing. ] a period of time during which you swim :

Let's go for a swim .


- in the swim (of things)



Old English swimman (verb), of Germanic origin; related to Dutch zwemmen and German schwimmen .

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