Meaning of SWIM in English

I. verb


a driving/swimming etc lesson

Dad said he'd pay for driving lessons as my birthday present.

a fish swims

Red fish swam on either side of the boat.

a golf/swimming/tennis championship

the Women's Golf Championship

a morning coffee/run/swim (= that someone does, drinks etc in the morning )

She read the paper while drinking her morning coffee.

a swimming/bathing cap

A swimming cap will stop you getting your hair wet.

do/run/swim a lap

Every morning she swims 50 laps in the pool.

go for a walk/swim etc

Let’s go for a walk.

go shopping/swimming/skiing etc

I need to go shopping this afternoon.


I swam ten widths .

swimming bath

swimming cap

swimming costume

swimming pool

swimming suit

swimming trunks

synchronized swimming




With powerful strokes, he swam across to the pillar, which was still elevated from my own adventure.

Once, even, a grebe swam across .


For hours the magician swam around , with the normally chatty parrot perched silently on his shoulder.

Even birds need toys - fish must have some plants and rocks to swim around .

She jacked out so quickly the tutor's office swam around her before she knew what it was.

She swam around and looked for a way out, but the pool was very big.


She will not face inland, and so the Whale will not swim ashore .

Very few of our men swam ashore , most of those who were rescued from the water being saved by small boats.

As it was dark by now, no bullets hit them, and they began to swim ashore .



Maurice had never learned to swim , but this did not disturb him.

We had to learn to swim or drown.

Students may remember their early failures in learning to ride a bike or a skateboard, or learning to swim .

She thinks a man like me learns his sexuality like some one learns to ride a bicycle or learns how to swim .

July was spent at Oyster Bay, where Corinne and her playmates learned to swim by getting thrown into the water.

Generations of Berkeley children, including Julie herself, had learned to swim in the brook, as it was called locally.

And I could learn to swim enough, and run, if I wanted to.


tennis/golf/swimming etc professional

Barry Wood reports Pam Shriver has always been one of the most colourful tennis professionals .

For further details on the Wilson range for ladies, contact your local golf professional .

From the inter-war years a small number of tennis professionals played tournaments in the United States.

He was, as golf professionals had been for a hundred years, a serf.


Dad swims fifty laps in the pool every morning.

I didn't learn to swim until I was ten years old.

I don't like swimming the breaststroke.


For a moment, tears swam in his eyes and he fought for control.

In the afternoons they sunbathed and swam.

Just as he was beginning to get worried in case she had gone too far, she turned and swam back.

Slowly and carefully I swam round the dark walls of the castle.

Steinkamp swam up to it and stuck her thumbs in her ears, seemingly making a childish face at it.

To swim in it is dangerous, unnecessary and probably obscene.

You swim a few laps, lie in the sun, eat a burger.

II. noun




Roach being taken from swims just above the by pass bridge.

Then we take a swim along the edge of the floating bog.

About the time he had taken his reluctant swim .

The next morning I took him for a swim .

But as her parents took her for a swim , she collapsed without warning and died.

This was no place to take a swim .

They get the payback the first time they take a swim .


sink or swim

Some people advocate leaving the jobless to sink or swim.

A case of sink or swim.

But it is a collective machine because they all sink or swim with her.

It was sink or swim as a classroom teacher.

Now it was sink or swim.

Only one person really cared whether he sank or swam, and he was far off in Paris.

She had been thrown in at the deep end and it was a question of sink or swim.

The Ohio bank does not leave its newcomers to sink or swim by themselves.

When a promising apprentice loses his claim it is usually sink or swim time.

sponsored walk/swim etc

A sponsored walk to aid the preservation fund was held on 1st February 1992 and realised the excellent sum of £200.

Another solo fundraising effort will be a sponsored swim by Karon Mills at Fenton Pool.

Contributions of jars of preserves for sale at the Houghall sponsored walk should be brought to the June meeting.

Funds to help Pauline Sparks become a teacher were raised from a sponsored walk undertaken by Hila Hyam.

Some of these activities include sponsored walks, dances, race nights and raffles.

The youngsters took part in an arduous sponsored swim to raise the cash.


I took off my glasses, left them on my towel on the tiles, and went for a quick swim .

I was very disappointed to find that the family swim session has been canceled this year.

She should also have a 30-minute swim .

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