Meaning of SWIM in English


I. ˈswim verb

( swam ˈswam, -aa(ə)m ; also chiefly dialect swimmed ˈswimd ; or swum ˈswəm ; swum also chiefly dialect swam or swimmed ; swimming ; swims )

Etymology: Middle English swimmen, from Old English swimman; akin to Old High German swimman to swim, Old Norse svimma, Gothic swumfsl swimming pool

intransitive verb

1. : to move or propel oneself progressively in water by natural means (as by strokes of the hands and feet or by movements of the fins, flippers, or tail)

2. : to move with a motion like that of swimming : slip or glide smoothly and quietly : float

a cloud swam slowly across the moon


a. : to float on the surface of or rise to the top of a liquid : not sink

oil swims on water

b. : to overcome or surmount difficulties : not go under

sink or swim , live or die, survive or perish — Daniel Webster

4. : to become immersed or flooded : become surrounded or covered or filled with or as if with a liquid

the meat swims in gravy

his heart swam with joy

he swims in riches

5. : to appear to move unsteadily before the eyes : reel

sat down again as the room began to swim crazily around her

6. : to be dizzy : have an unsteady or reeling sensation

feels faint and his head swims

transitive verb


a. : to move over, cover, or cross by propelling oneself through water

swim a stream

swim a mile

b. : to execute (a stroke) in swimming


a. : to cause or compel to swim or float

swim a horse across a river

b. : to make float or permit floating of in or on the surface of a liquid

immerse the eggs in enough water to swim the light ones

3. : to subject (one) to ordeal by water

4. : to bring to a specified state by swimming

5. : to compete with in a swimming match

- swim against the stream

II. noun

( -s )

1. : a smooth gliding motion

2. : swim bladder

3. : an act or period of swimming

took a swim in the bay

back from his early morning swim

4. : a temporary forgetfulness, dizziness, or unconsciousness : swoon


a. : a part of a stream or other water frequented by fish

b. : the current trend of affairs

that manufacturers slow to make the design change would be out of the swim

: the thick of fashionable activity — usually used in the phrase in the swim

spent his vacation at a popular resort to be in the swim

6. : a square flat overhanging bow on a barge (as used formerly in the east of England)

III. adjective

: of, concerned with, or used in or for swimming

swim lessons

swim show

swim trunks

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