Meaning of TELEPHONE in English


/ ˈtelɪfəʊn; NAmE -foʊn/ noun , verb

■ noun


[ C , U ] a system for talking to sb else over long distances, using wires or radio; a machine used for this :

The telephone rang and Pat answered it.

You can reserve seats over the telephone .

I need to make a telephone call .

telephone lines / networks / services


[ C ] the part of the telephone that you hold in your hand and speak into

SYN handset , receiver

—see also phone


- be on the telephone

■ verb

( formal , especially BrE ) to speak to sb by telephone

SYN call , phone [ v ]

Please write or telephone for details.

He telephoned to say he'd be late.

[ vn ]

You can telephone your order 24 hours a day.

I was about to telephone the police.

➡ note at phone

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