Meaning of TELEPHONE in English

I. ˈteləˌfōn noun

Etymology: tel- (I) + -phone

1. : an instrument for reproducing sounds especially articulate speech at a distance: as

a. : a device in which the voice or sound causes in a thin diaphragm vibrations that are directly transmitted along a wire or string connecting it to a similar diaphragm thus reproducing the sound

b. : an apparatus consisting of a transmitter (as a microphone) for converting sound especially of the human voice into electrical impulses or varying electrical current for transmission by wire, a receiver for reproducing the original sounds from such transmitted varying electrical current, and usually a switch and a signaling device

2. : any of various devices (as a sound-signaling device or a speaking tube) resembling or suggesting the telephone

II. intransitive verb

: to communicate by telephone : call on the telephone

transitive verb

1. : to send (as a message) by telephone

2. : to speak to (a person) by telephone : call on the telephone

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