Meaning of WARNING in English


/ ˈwɔːnɪŋ; NAmE ˈwɔːrn-/ noun


[ C , U ] a statement, an event, etc. telling sb that sth bad or unpleasant may happen in the future so that they can try to avoid it :

Doctors issued a warning against eating any fish caught in the river.

to give sb fair / advance / adequate warning of sth

The bridge collapsed without (any) warning .

Let me give you a word of warning .

a government health warning

—see also early warning


[ C ] a statement telling sb that they will be punished if they continue to behave in a particular way

SYN caution :

to give sb a verbal / written / final warning

►  warn·ing adjective [ only before noun ]:

She had ignored the warning signs of trouble ahead.

Police fired a number of warning shots .

Warning bells began to ring (= it was a sign that sth was wrong) when her letters were returned unopened.



Old English war(e)nung (see warn , -ing ).

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