Meaning of WARNING in English


[noun]Completely without warning he turned up on my doorstep with all four children! [U]There's a warning on the cigarette packet that says 'tobacco seriously damages health'. [C]He gave a warning that he would not put up with any more bad behaviour. [+ that clause]That's what happens when you won't let yourself grow old and you start dyeing your hair and starving yourself - let it be a warning to you! [C]Just a word of warning - restaurants in this area can be very expensive. [U](formal) The government have today issued a warning about the dangers of sunbathing. [C]They can't dismiss you just like that - they have to give you a written warning first. [C]The police fired warning shots but the protesters took no notice.People sometimes say that they hear warning bells or that warning bells start to ring/sound to mean that they see signs that something bad has started or is going to happen.For me, the warning bells started to ring when she stopped eating properly and lost all that weight.A warning sign is something that tells you of a particular danger.There were several warning signs because of the fog.In some bars there are warning signs (= notices) telling women of the dangers of drinking alcohol during pregnancy.The warning signs (= The physical signs that show the presence) of the illness are respiratory problems and dizziness.

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