Meaning of WARN in English


[verb] - to make (someone) aware of a possible danger or problem, esp. one in the futureScientists have warned that further extremely high winds are likely. [+ that clause]We were warned not to eat the fish which might give us a slight stomach upset. [T + object + to infinitive]Have you warned them (that) there will be an extra person for dinner? [T + object + (that) clause]I was warned against/off going to the east coast because it was so full of tourists. [T]There were signs warning of fog as soon as we got onto the motorway. [I]This particular curry is extremely hot - you have been warned! [T]"Has anyone told you about Paul?" "Yes, I have been warned." [T]Put that ball down and come over here, Laura - I'm warning you (= I will punish you if you do not!) [T]

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