Meaning of BOTTLE in English


n. 1 flask, container; fiasco, decanter The milkman left two bottles of milk 2 courage, nerve, manliness, manfulness, grit, backbone, gumption, mettle, pluck, Dutch courage, Slang guts; Colloq spunk, starch, US moxie He was going to tell her off but lost his bottle at the last minute 3 the bottle. alcohol, alcoholic drink, spirit(s), liquor, booze, sauce He's back on the bottle after only two weeks of being on the wagon

v. 4 bottle up. a contain, restrain, hold back, control, suppress, repress, hold or keep in check, stifle All the emotions, bottled up for so long, burst upon him at once, and he wept pitiably b trap, cut off, hem in, box in With the help of the posse, we can bottle up the gang in the canyon

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