Meaning of DASH in English


v. 1 crash, smash, shatter, break, shiver, fragment, split; destroy, ruin, spoil, frustrate, obliterate The mirror was dashed to smithereens when it fell The ship didn't see our raft, and our hopes of rescue were dashed. 2 hurl, toss, throw, fling, cast, pitch, Colloq chuck We drank a toast, then dashed our glasses into the fireplace 3 rush, run, dart, spring, bolt, bound, race, sprint; hasten, fly, hurry, speed I'll have to dash to catch my train 4 dash off. scribble I've just dashed off a note to mother

n. 5 dart, bolt, rush, run, spurt, spring, bound, sprint He made a dash for the door but it was too late 6 flourish, élan, flair, liveliness, style, panache, spirit, brio, verve, zest, spice; ardour, fervour, vigour, energy She is known for her beauty as well as her dash and courage 7 bit, pinch, soupçon, hint, suggestion, touch, trace, tinge, taste, drop, piece, Colloq smidgen or smidgin, US tad Add a dash of nutmeg at the end

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