Meaning of DETAIL in English

n. 1 particular, element, factor, point, fact, specific, technicality, component, item, feature; aspect, respect, count He gave us a general idea of the plan but not a single detail 2 details. particulars, minutiae, niceties, fine points, specifics, technicalities Must we go into all the details of his dismissal? 3 detachment, squad, party, cadre, duty, fatigue, group The sergeant appointed a detail to police the area 4 in detail. specifically, particularly, thoroughly, in depth, item by item, point by point, exhaustively, comprehensively, inside out, perfectly We examined the report in detail

v. 5 specify, spell out, itemize, delineate, catalogue, list, tabulate, enumerate, particularize, recount, cite (chapter and verse) She detailed every little move I was to make 6 assign, appoint, charge, delegate, name, specify, send We have been detailed to act as your bodyguard during your visit

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