Meaning of DETAIL in English

n. & v.


1. a a small or subordinate particular; an item. b such a particular, considered (ironically) to be unimportant (the truth of the statement is just a detail).

2 a small items or particulars (esp. in an artistic work) regarded collectively (has an eye for detail). b the treatment of them (the detail was insufficient and unconvincing).

3 (often in pl.) a number of particulars; an aggregate of small items (filled in the details on the form).

4 a a minor decoration on a building, in a picture, etc. b a small part of a picture etc. shown alone.

5 Mil. a the distribution of orders for the day. b a small detachment of soldiers etc. for special duty.

1. give particulars of (detailed the plans).

2 relate circumstantially (detailed the anecdote).

3 Mil. assign for special duty.

4 (as detailed adj.) a (of a picture, story, etc.) having many details. b itemized (a detailed list).

Phrases and idioms:

go into detail give all the items or particulars. in detail item by item, minutely.

Etymology: F d{eacute}tail, d{eacute}tailler (as DE-, tailler cut, formed as TAIL(2))

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