Meaning of FUN in English


n. 1 merriment, merrymaking, gaiety, glee, jollity, mirth, cheer, high spirits, delight, frolic, festivity, high jinks; amusement, diversion, sport, enjoyment, recreation, entertainment, pastime, joy, pleasure, Colloq (making) whoopee Your party was great fun We always have fun when we're together. Want to have some fun? 2 tomfoolery, horseplay, joking, playfulness, clowning, pranks, sport, jesting, jocularity, nonsense, fooling around or about, Colloq skylarking This is no time for fun - we have to catch a train 3 in or for fun. jokingly, teasingly, in jest, facetiously, with tongue in cheek, playfully, as a lark, for a joke or gag; not seriously In fun, we told him that he had missed the last ferry 4 Like fun! Under no circumstances!, No way!, Colloq Like hell!, US No way, Jose! Like fun will I go swimming in the nude! 5 make fun of poke fun at, tease, deride, (hold up to) ridicule, scoff at, lampoon, parody, satirize, make sport or game of, taunt, gibe, rag, Colloq kid, rib, Brit send up Kevin is always making fun of people by imitating them

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