Meaning of HEEL in English


n. 1 end, butt or tail or fag (end), stump, remainder, remnant, rind, crust You can always freeze the heel of a loaf to use at some later date for breadcrumbs 2 cad, scoundrel, swine, rogue, scamp, philanderer, Old-fashioned worm, knave, Chiefly Brit blackguard, Colloq Brit rotter, Old-fashioned bounder, Slang bastard, Brit sod He's an absolute heel - he got her pregnant and then left her 3 down at heel. US also down at the heels; poor, destitute, impoverished, down and out, on (one's) uppers, in straitened circumstances; shabby, seedy, dowdy, run-down, slovenly, Brit out at elbows, US out at the elbows, Colloq broke, strapped Farrington looked down at heel, so I slipped him a fiver 4 take to (one's) heels. take flight, flee, escape, run off or away, show a clean pair of heels, Colloq split, Brit do a moonlight flit, US take a (run-out) powder, fly the coop, Australian and New Zealand shoot through When I mentioned payment, she took to her heels

v. 5 dog, follow (closely), shadow, chase, pursue We have taught our puppy to heel

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