Meaning of HISTORY in English


n. 1 account, story, record, description, depiction, portrayal, representation, telling, retelling, recital, narration, narrative, relation, retailing Washington Irving's Knickerbocker's History of New York begins with the creation of the world 2 news, summary, recapitulation, report, intelligence, information The history of these events is recounted in a book by Robinson 3 past, background, life; experiences, adventures, story, biography This woman appears to have had a rather curious history The history of your years in Polynesia would make an interesting book. 4 record, experience, information, biography, CV or curriculum vitae, US résumé Your entire work history should be included in your application 5 chronicle, annals, record, account The history of Parliamentary debate can be traced through Hansard 6 ancient history, the past, yesterday, the (good old) days, days of yore, olden days, yesteryear, antiquity What can history tell us about the future? 7 dead letter, yesterday's news, old hat: Any animosity I might have felt towards him is now history

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