Meaning of MESH in English


n. 1 mesh-work, network, netting, net, web, webbing, lattice, lattice-work, screen, screening, interlacing, lace-work, grid, grate, grating, grater, sieve, strainer, trellis, trellis-work, decussation, Technical rete, reticle or reticule or graticule, reticulation, plexus, plexure, reticulum; interstice The mesh of the hammock broke and I fell to the ground 2 Often, meshes. grip, clutches, grasp, toils, web, trap, entanglement, tangle, complex, complexity, intricacy Her papers were lost in the meshes of the filing system

v. 3 catch, entangle, enmesh, grab, trap, entrap, snare, ensnare, involve I became meshed inextricably in the complexities of her life 4 engage, fit (together), dovetail, knit, enmesh, match, interlock After they were aligned, the gears meshed perfectly

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