Meaning of PACK in English


n. 1 parcel, package, packet, bundle, bale, backpack, knapsack, rucksack, haversack, kitbag, kit, duffle or duffel bag The stranger hoisted his pack onto his shoulder and loped off 2 load, lot, bunch, multitude, heap, pile, accumulation, mass, amassment, mess, barrel, peck She told the jury a pack of lies 3 group, collection, assembly, assemblage, congregation, gathering, crowd, number, throng, horde, mass, crew, gang, body, lots, loads, band, company, party, set, flock, herd, drove, mob, swarm, bevy, covey, circle, coterie, clique A huge pack of people were waiting at the stage door for the star to emerge 4 deck We ought to have two packs of cards for bridge

v. 5 Often, pack in or into. package, bale, bundle, compact, crowd, cram, jam, fill, stuff, squeeze, ram, press, wedge, tamp They packed us into the train like sardines I packed as much as I could into the short time I had left. 6 pack it in. stop, cease, end, finish, quit, wind up, terminate, give up, call it a day, Colloq chuck Edward finally packed it in because they were giving him too much trouble 7 pack off. dismiss, send off or away, bundle off or out, hustle off or out or away, get rid of, drive off or away, order off or away or out, send (someone) about his or her business At the beginning of the war, Sally's mother packed her off to America to stay with her aunt 8 pack up. a get or gather together, put away, store Pack up your troubles in your old kit bag and smile, smile, smile b quit, stop, break down, fail, give out, stall, die, give up the ghost, Colloq conk out, have had it After three days crossing the desert, the engine finally packed up

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