Meaning of PACK in English


1. n. & v.


1. a a collection of things wrapped up or tied together for carrying. b BACKPACK.

2 a set of items packaged for use or disposal together.

3 usu. derog. a lot or set (of similar things or persons) (a pack of lies; a pack of thieves).

4 Brit. a set of playing cards.

5 a a group of hounds esp. for foxhunting. b a group of wild animals, esp. wolves, hunting together.

6 an organized group of Cub Scouts or Brownies.

7 Rugby Football a team's forwards.

8 a a medicinal or cosmetic substance applied to the skin; face-pack. b a hot or cold pad of absorbent material for treating a wound etc.

9 pack ice.

10 a quantity of fish, fruit, etc., packed in a season etc.

11 Med. a the wrapping of a body or part of a body in a wet sheet etc. b a sheet etc. used for this.


1. tr. (often foll. by up) a fill (a suitcase, bag, etc.) with clothes and other items. b put (things) together in a bag or suitcase, esp. for travelling.

2 intr. & tr. come or put closely together; crowd or cram (packed a lot into a few hours; passengers packed like sardines).

3 tr. (in passive; often foll. by with) be filled (with); contain extensively (the restaurant was packed; the book is packed with information).

4 tr. fill (a hall, theatre, etc.) with an audience etc.

5 tr. cover (a thing) with something pressed tightly round.

6 intr. be suitable for packing.

7 tr. colloq. a carry (a gun etc.). b be capable of delivering (a punch) with skill or force.

8 intr. (of animals or Rugby forwards) form a pack.

Phrases and idioms:

pack-animal an animal for carrying packs. pack-drill a military punishment of marching up and down carrying full equipment. packed lunch a lunch carried in a bag, box, etc., esp. to work, school, etc. packed out colloq. full, crowded. pack ice an area of large crowded pieces of floating ice in the sea. pack it in (or up) colloq. end or stop it. pack off send (a person) away, esp. abruptly or promptly. pack-rat US a large hoarding rodent. pack-saddle a saddle adapted for supporting packs. pack up colloq.

1. (esp. of a machine) stop functioning; break down.

2 retire from an activity, contest, etc. send packing colloq. dismiss (a person) summarily.


packable adj.

Etymology: ME f. MDu., MLG pak, pakken, of unkn. orig. 2. select (a jury etc.) or fill (a meeting) so as to secure a decision in one's favour.

Etymology: prob. f. obs. verb pact f. PACT

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