Meaning of PRINCIPAL in English

adj. 1 chief, primary, prime, paramount, main, first, foremost, ranking, pre-eminent, predominant, dominant, prevailing; leading, starring The principal reason I'm here is to see you The principal food of the people is corn. The principal role was sung by Pavarotti. 2 important, prominent, leading, key, cardinal Cuba is a principal source of sugar

n. 3 owner, proprietor, chairman, chairwoman, chairperson, (managing) director, head, president, chief, chief executive officer, CEO, manager or Brit manageress, superintendent, supervisor, Colloq boss, US (head or chief) honcho We should talk to the principals about buying that company 4 dean, director, Chiefly Brit headmaster, headmistress, master, rector, (vice-)chancellor His appointment as principal is for a two-year period 5 (working) capital, capital funds, resources, investment, backing, (cash) reserve(s), assets; money She is fortunate to be able to live on the income from her investments, without touching the principal 6 star, lead, heroine, hero, leading lady or man, leading role, main part; diva, première danseuse, premier danseur, prima donna, prima ballerina The principal in the ballet company was a Russian

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