Meaning of PRINCIPAL in English

adj. & n.


1. (usu. attrib.) first in rank or importance; chief (the principal town of the district).

2 main, leading (a principal cause of my success).

3 (of money) constituting the original sum invested or lent.


1. a head, ruler, or superior.

2 the head of some schools, colleges, and universities.

3 the leading performer in a concert, play, etc.

4 a capital sum as distinguished from interest or income.

5 a person for whom another acts as agent etc.

6 (in the UK) a civil servant of the grade below Secretary.

7 the person actually responsible for a crime.

8 a person for whom another is surety.

9 each of the combatants in a duel.

10 a a main rafter supporting purlins. b a main girder.

11 an organ stop sounding an octave above the diapason.

12 Mus. the leading player in each section of an orchestra.

Phrases and idioms:

principal boy (or girl) an actress who takes the leading male (or female) part in a pantomime. principal clause Gram. a clause to which another clause is subordinate. principal in the first degree a person directly responsible for a crime as its actual perpetrator. principal in the second degree a person directly responsible for a crime as aiding in its perpetration. principal parts Gram. the parts of a verb from which all other parts can be deduced.


principalship n.

Etymology: ME f. OF f. L principalis first, original (as PRINCE)

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