Meaning of PROBLEM in English

n. 1 difficulty, trouble, question, dilemma, quandary, predicament, complication, hornet's nest, imbroglio, mess, muddle, stew, Colloq can of worms, fine kettle of fish, (pretty) pickle, Brit facer The Chancellor must constantly deal with the problems of the country's economy 2 puzzle, conundrum, poser, riddle, question, enigma, puzzler, Colloq mind-boggler, hard or tough nut to crack The problem is how to get the yolk out without breaking the shell

adj. 3 unruly, unmanageable, intractable, uncontrollable, difficult, ungovernable, refractory, incorrigible, obstreperous, delinquent, maladjusted, disturbed, emotionally upset He teaches at a school where most of the students are problem children

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