Meaning of RELATION in English


n. 1 relationship, connection, affiliation, association, bearing, link, tie, tie-in, reference, pertinence, interconnection, interdependence, correspondence, kinship The relation between time and money is rarely disputed these days 2 kinship, relationship Just what is your relation to this lady? 3 relative, kinsman or kinswoman, blood relative, in-law, family member Is she a relation of yours? 4 narration, narrative, telling, recounting, description, report, recital, recitation, delineation, portrayal, story, recapitulation: She amused them all with her relation of what had happened to her that night 5 in relation to. concerning, about, regarding, respecting, pertaining to, with regard to, with respect to, referring to, with reference to, on or in the matter or subject of, apropos, re, Archaic or Scots anent, Dialect anenst I should like to talk to you in relation to the matter of company expenses 6 relations. a sexual intercourse, coitus, sex, criminal conversation; carnal knowledge It is well known that he had relations with his secretary b dealings, intercourse, link(s), association(s), liaison, relationship, Colloq doings, truck We have no relations with that company

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