Meaning of STAIN in English


n. 1 blot, mark, spot, discoloration, blotch, smutch, smirch, speck, Brit splodge or US also splotch There's a stain on your tie 2 mark, blot (on the escutcheon), stigma, blemish, Brit blot on one's copybook, Colloq US black eye His cowardice in battle was a permanent stain on his reputation 3 dye, colour, colouring, tint, tinge, pigment An indigo stain was used to bring up certain features in microscopy

v. 4 blot, mark, spot, discolour, blotch, speckle, dye, spatter, splatter, tinge, smudge, smutch, splash The tablecloth was stained red from the spilt wine 5 spoil, defile, ruin, smirch, besmirch, taint, tarnish, stigmatize, shame, disgrace, sully, contaminate, soil, corrupt Her reign was stained with the blood of the thousands she had tortured and executed

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