Meaning of CAPACITY in English


n. (pl. -ies)

1. a the power of containing, receiving, experiencing, or producing (capacity for heat, pain , etc.). b the maximum amount that can be contained or produced etc. c the volume, e.g. of the cylinders in an internal-combustion engine. d (attrib.) fully occupying the available space, resources, etc. (a capacity audience).

2 a mental power. b a faculty or talent.

3 a position or function (in a civil capacity; in my capacity as a critic).

4 legal competence.

5 Electr. capacitance.

Phrases and idioms:

measure of capacity a measure used for vessels and liquids or grains etc. to capacity fully; using all resources (working to capacity).


capacitative adj. (also capacitive) (in sense 5).

Etymology: ME f. F f. L capacitas -tatis (as CAPACIOUS)

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