Meaning of COLUMN in English


n.1 Archit. an upright cylindrical pillar often slightly tapering and usu. supporting an entablature or arch, or standing alone as a monument.

2 a structure or part shaped like a column.

3 a vertical cylindrical mass of liquid or vapour.

4 a a vertical division of a page, chart, etc., containing a sequence of figures or words. b the figures or words themselves.

5 a part of a newspaper regularly devoted to a particular subject (gossip column).

6 a Mil. an arrangement of troops in successive lines, with a narrow front. b Naut. a similar arrangement of ships.

Phrases and idioms:

column-inch a quantity of print (esp. newsprint) occupying a one-inch length of a column. dodge the column colloq. shirk one's duty; avoid work.


columnar adj. columned adj.

Etymology: ME f. OF columpne & L columna pillar

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