Meaning of COLUMN in English

noun a small army.

2. column ·noun a perpendicular line of figures.

3. column ·noun the body formed by the union of the stamens in the mallow family, or of the stamens and pistil in the orchids.

4. column ·noun a body of troops formed in ranks, one behind the other;

— contradistinguished from line. compare ploy, and deploy.

5. column ·noun a perpendicular set of lines, not extending across the page, and separated from other matter by a rule or blank space; as, a column in a newspaper.

6. column ·noun a number of ships so arranged as to follow one another in single or double file or in squadrons;

— in distinction from "line", where they are side by side.

7. column ·noun a kind of pillar; a cylindrical or polygonal support for a roof, ceiling, statue, ·etc., somewhat ornamented, and usually composed of base, shaft, and capital. ·see order.

8. column ·noun anything resembling, in form or position, a column in architecture; an upright body or mass; a shaft or obelisk; as, a column of air, of water, of mercury, ·etc.; the column vendome; the spinal column.

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