Meaning of CRANK in English


1. n. & v.


1. part of an axle or shaft bent at right angles for interconverting reciprocal and circular motion.

2 an elbow-shaped connection in bell-hanging.

1. cause to move by means of a crank.

2 a bend into a crank-shape. b furnish or fasten with a crank.

Phrases and idioms:

crank up

1. start (a car engine) by turning a crank.

2 sl. increase (speed etc.) by intensive effort.

Etymology: OE cranc, app. f. crincan, rel. to cringan fall in battle, orig. 'curl up' 2. n.1 a an eccentric person, esp. one obsessed by a particular theory (health-food crank). b US a bad-tempered person.

2 literary a fanciful turn of speech (quips and cranks).

Etymology: back-form. f. CRANKY 3. adj. Naut. liable to capsize.

Etymology: perh. f. crank weak, shaky, or CRANK(1)

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