Meaning of DWELL in English


v. & n.

--v.intr. (past and past part. dwelt or dwelled)

1. literary (usu. foll. by in, at, near, on, etc.) live, reside (dwelt in the forest).

2 (of a horse) be slow in raising its feet; pause before taking a fence.

--n. a slight, regular pause in the motion of a machine.

Phrases and idioms:

dwell on (or upon)

1. spend time on, linger over; write, brood, or speak at length on (a specified subject) (always dwells on his grievances).

2 prolong (a note, a syllable, etc.).


dweller n.

Etymology: OE dwellan lead astray, later 'continue in a place', f. Gmc

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