Meaning of FADE in English

v. & n.


1. intr. & tr. lose or cause to lose colour.

2 intr. lose freshness or strength; (of flowers etc.) droop, wither.

3 intr. a (of colour, light, etc.) disappear gradually; grow pale or dim. b (of sound) grow faint.

4 intr. (of a feeling etc.) diminish.

5 intr. (foll. by away, out) (of a person etc.) disappear or depart gradually.

6 tr. (foll. by in, out) Cinematog. & Broadcasting a cause (a picture) to come gradually in or out of view on a screen, or to merge into another shot. b make (the sound) more or less audible.

7 intr. (of a radio signal) vary irregularly in intensity.

8 intr. (of a brake) temporarily lose effectiveness.

9 Golf a intr. (of a ball) deviate from a straight course, esp. in a deliberate slice. b tr. cause (a ball) to fade.

--n. the action or an instance of fading.

Phrases and idioms:

do a fade sl. depart. fade away colloq. languish, grow thin. fade-in Cinematog. & Broadcasting the action or an instance of fading in a picture or sound. fade-out

1. colloq. disappearance, death.

2 Cinematog. & Broadcasting the action or an instance of fading out a picture or sound.


fadeless adj. fader n. (in sense 6 of v.).

Etymology: ME f. OF fader f. fade dull, insipid prob. ult. f. L fatuus silly + vapidus VAPID

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