Meaning of FAULT in English

n. & v.


1. a defect or imperfection of character or of structure, appearance, etc.

2 a break or other defect in an electric circuit.

3 a transgression, offence, or thing wrongly done.

4 a Tennis etc. a service of the ball not in accordance with the rules. b (in showjumping) a penalty for an error.

5 responsibility for wrongdoing, error, etc. (it will be your own fault).

6 a defect regarded as the cause of something wrong (the fault lies in the teaching methods).

7 Geol. an extended break in the continuity of strata or a vein.


1. tr. find fault with; blame.

2 tr. declare to be faulty.

3 tr. Geol. break the continuity of (strata or a vein).

4 intr. commit a fault.

5 intr. Geol. show a fault.

Phrases and idioms:

at fault guilty; to blame. fault-finder a person given to continually finding fault. fault-finding continual criticism. find fault (often foll. by with) make an adverse criticism; complain. to a fault (usu. of a commendable quality etc.) excessively (generous to a fault).

Etymology: ME faut(e) f. OF ult. f. L fallere FAIL

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