Meaning of FOIL in English


1. v. & n.

1. frustrate, baffle, defeat.

2 Hunting a run over or cross (ground or a scent) to confuse the hounds. b (absol.) (of an animal) spoil the scent in this way.


1. Hunting the track of a hunted animal.

2 archaic a repulse or defeat.

Etymology: ME, trample down, perh. f. OF fouler to full cloth, trample, ult. f. L fullo FULLER(1) 2. n.1 a metal hammered or rolled into a thin sheet (tin foil). b a sheet of this, or of tin amalgam, attached to mirror glass as a reflector. c a leaf of foil placed under a precious stone etc. to brighten or colour it.

2 a person or thing that enhances the qualities of another by contrast.

3 Archit. a leaf-shaped curve formed by the cusping of an arch or circle.

Etymology: ME f. OF f. L folium leaf, and f. OF foille f. L folia (pl.) 3. n. a light blunt-edged sword with a button on its point used in fencing.


foilist n.

Etymology: 16th c.: orig. unkn. 4. n. HYDROFOIL.

Etymology: abbr.

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