Meaning of JERK in English

1. n. & v.


1. a sharp sudden pull, twist, twitch, start, etc.

2 a spasmodic muscular twitch.

3 (in pl.) Brit. colloq. exercises (physical jerks).

4 sl. a fool; a stupid person.


1. intr. move with a jerk.

2 tr. pull, thrust, twist, etc., with a jerk.

3 tr. throw with a suddenly arrested motion.

4 tr. Weight-lifting raise (a weight) from shoulder-level to above the head.

Phrases and idioms:

jerk off coarse sl. masturbate.


Usually considered a taboo use.


jerker n.

Etymology: 16th c.: perh. imit. 2. cure (beef) by cutting it in long slices and drying it in the sun.

Etymology: Amer. Sp. charquear f. charqui f. Quechua echarqui dried flesh

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